10 Gifts You Won’t Regret Giving

You’ll always run into a situation where you have to give a gift to someone. Usually, for wedding showers, housewarming parties or just other special occasions, give something that the recipient will actually appreciate and use. It can just be cool stuff you can buy or useful products. You can find a lot of these on www.shoptens.com. We’ve listed our favorite 10 items below.

10. Clock Book

It’s great for a housewarming party as it’s a clock that blends in with someone’s bookshelf. It serves function and is stylish!

9. 4-in-1 Wine Opener


This is a great gift for any wine enthusiast. This tool acts as a wine opener, bottle opener, cork  stopper and a pour spout.


8. Putty Keyboard Cleaner

This makes a great gift for someone who is always on their keyboards. This putty helps clean up particles and dust easily and fits the shape of any nook and cranny!

7. Staircase Basket

This is a stylish basket that fits snug on the stairs. Great gift for someone with a lot of kids for them to store and play on the stairs and remain organized.

6. Quirky Power Pivot

This surge protector doesn’t waste any spots. Regardless of the size, you can pivot to gain access to the outlet.

5. Rechargeable USB Batteries

This is an awesome invention. It lasts for about a week and you just recharge it over the weekend. Never buy batteries again.

4. Citrus Spritzer

Just stick this spritzer into a lime or a lemon and instantly get zesty spray!

3. Selfie Stick

Just because it’s a selfie stick.

2. Bandage Outlet Cover

It’s so cute for anyone with small children in their house. It’s even pretty adorable for just unused outlets.

1. Silicon Slip On Spout



Great for any chef or baker. It’s simply one of the most useful gifts you can get. It may seem small, but you can truly change any avid chef’s life!