10 Facts About The Titanic, You Most Likely Didn’t Know

10. One of the most emotional moments of the film is when the big band continued to play to calm the passengers while the ship sinks. This not happen only in the movie. Musicians continued with the song for hours after the ship struck an iceberg.


9.If the iceberg was observed just 30 seconds earlier and if they informed the captain of the ship about that, this tragedy could be avoided.

8. There was a four chimneys, but just only three were working. The fourth it was used for decoration.


7. More than half the lifeboats from the ship not been filled to the utmost capacity. If the was full all,  the number of survivors would have been higher.

6. Only one ocean liner in history was sunk because of the iceberg. You guessed it. It’s the Titanic.

5. It was planned an exercise procedures that would instruct to the  passengers  what to do in an emergency case,  just a day before the ship was sunk. Practicing these procedures, however, was canceled at the end.  Pity…

4.The famous iceberg that sank the Titanic dates back to 1000 BC!

3. The money that is spent for the filming was actually much larger sum than is needed to build a real Titanic.


2. The chef from the ship is one of the surviving passengers. It is believed that he was able to survive because he drank a large amount of alcohol and thus maintain their body temperature at a sufficiently high level.


1. That night when  the Titanic sank, not far away from him was another ship, The Californian. Communication between them, however, was very poor and quite disrupted, and another ship, unfortunately, was not of great help to the passengers of the Titanic.


foto: viralfriend45.visualfunnies.com