10 Disgusting Ingredients Found In Your Foods

You would not have imagined that this type of ingredients have been using in your food items. Here we gave you a list of 10 disgusting ingredients found in your food. You may wonder why they have to use those type of ingredients? But it is true.



They call it Silicon Dioxide just to make you to never identify it. And you can find this ingredient in  fast food items .



Titanium is processed as the form of titanium oxide and used in food items to make white things whiter. It is mostly used in icing sugar and white salad dressing.



Look for the ingredients in red-colored drinks. See the ingredients if you fine Carmine there , then you are eating battle shells.



Petroleum is used in many skin care products. But in food items too. you can find petroleum in processed food also. McDonalds using petroleum in 18 of their different products.

 Beaver Glands


If you find castoreum as an ingredient in any food then the dried glands of beaver is used as a strawberry or vanilla flavor in some candy or gelatin.

 Wood Pulp


Tiny piece of wood is called as the powdered cellulose which used to make some types of low fat ice creams.

 Phosphoric Acid


you have seen in some Hollywood movies that the phosphoric acid used to dissolve bodies. Our manufactures using this ingredient in soda to make the acidity.

 Fish Bladders


We should know that some beer contains something called “isinglass” which is fish bladders. They are being added to the beers to make the golden color.

 Sheep’s Oily Secretions


It’s your chewing gum. In the ingredients it is listed as lanolin. It makes easier to chew. Yummy.

 Human Hair And Duck Feathers


Duck feathers and human hair is used in many food ingredients. If you see L-Cysteine in the ingredient list then you are surely eating something which contains feathers or hair. It is mostly found in bread or bagels.