10 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

Dare to try any of those sports which you are very likely to get hurt (or killed) while playing!

Motorcycle Racing


Racing is both a leisure and competitive sport practiced by amateurs and professionals on the slopes, roads, natural ground and closed circuits. The growth of this popular pastime in parallel and even coincided with the emergence of motorsport. Participants generally lead on rough terrain at high speed while being chased by the other runners-neck-neck accidental fall can be fatal because the risk of being hit in other riders who are moving to speeds.



Cheerleading has evolved from being just a side show for a sport in itself. There is an intense physical activity and organized based on routines that may take 1-3 minutes. Among the activities involved in the sport include tumbling, jumps, dance and stunting among others. Cheerleading from the United States and remains mainly a women’s game, there are about 1.5 million people who actively participate in cheerleading squads throughout the United States, with 100,000 participants found in places such as Australia, Colombia , Canada, France, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Bull Riding


It is a vigorous sport that involves rodeo rider jumping over a large ferocious bull and trying not to fall all this time while the animal still kicking and pushing him around a attempt to throw the competitor off-balance. In the tradition of American sport, it is considered a winner if it is able to stay put for 8 seconds or more. To achieve this risky feat, a first tightening his hands on the bull with a long braided rope gently for support. This dangerous sport has been called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports the” for good reason.

Street Luge


It first began in southern California when downhill skateboarders found they could travel faster by lying stomach-first on their boards. However, over time by people discovered new styles of conduct that were more comfortable as a simple squatting on the panel while moving at high speed downhill. The first competition of the street Luging professional ever held in Signal Hill, California, he was officially welcomed by American Association skateboard. In the street lugging winners are determined on the basis of speed, they manage to hit crossing the finish line.

Running of the Bulls


Running of the Bulls came from Spain and scuttle away involves a dozen bulls that were left to run loose in a partially cut-off of the street. Participants are required to hide or avoid these beasts of burden being quick on his feet, and sometimes hide if two or more bulls begin to run after a person. This sport should never be attempted by children under 18 years due to high levels of risk.

Big Wave Surfing


This is a unique discipline within surfing in which experienced surfers waddle in sea waves, and transported about 20 feet high by the raging waters while moving gracefully to the shores. Riders use unique surf boards popularly known as “towboards” or “firearms”. However, the size of these products may vary depending on factors such as the size and the wave-technique the user uses to ride through the air. A more elongated board allows participants to paddle fast and catch the oncoming waves. This interesting sport provides riders more stability, however, may limit the maneuverability and overall surfing speed.

Mountain Climbing


It is climbing high landforms such as hills, mountains and plateaus of thrill and fun. You need special outfits to achieve this feat since the places mentioned above are quite remote; they have a rocky terrain that can bruise the skin injury and the cause if the body is not well protected. In addition, before participating in this sport, it is advisable for one to seek the services of a guide who can provide professional shipping direction through the rugged outback territory.

Heli Skiing


Heli-ski refers to an off-piste skiing sports, so that the participant enters his favorite place slides in a helicopter rather than lifts. The sport involves characteristic downward movement with the help of special sled foot and two control sticks. The rugged outback environment, rock in which the activity is performed, it is very dangerous, even for experienced skiers. Canadian state of British Columbia is currently ranked as the most popular place where the sport place, carrying a whopping 90% of the global share.

Base Jump


It can also be called BASE fall sports, this is a unique activity where candidates jump from pre-fixed objects using a good parachute on the back to balance the fall. BASE is just an acronym referring to the four categories of fixed elements that participants can jump to include buildings, bridges, cliffs and antennas. Base jumping is considered more dangerous than other types of activities such as skydiving aircraft, it is because the distance must reach the ground is low and there is also the risk of hitting the ground hard.

Cave Diving


It involves swimming underwater in mysterious caves that are partially filled with water. The gear used to undertake this sport varies depending on factors such as the clarity and depth of water. However, almost all of these shipments diving involve the use of special equipment diving. This dangerous sport requires unique technical diving skills because it may involve decompression. Compared to scuba diving and caving, there are many practitioners who participate in the sport because of its high risk nature.