10 Most Bizarre Jobs Around The World

If you are worrying that your jobs are boring, check out these 10 most bizarre jobs around the world. You may understand that even the strangest skills of the people can be used in some ways. You may discover your perfect career after reading this !

Chicken Sexer


When the chicks born they cuddle each other to get worm. So your job is to distinguish the sex of chicken. The reason that the male chicks are are sent off for culling and female is protected to lay eggs. The qualifications may be having a gentle hand to not to damage it and a powerful eye to check whether they have penis or not. But sure that you are going to spend your whole time in identifying the sex organs of them.

 Water Slide Tester

PR shoot for First Choice Slide Testers PHOTO MATT WRITTLE

This can be world’s funniest jobs ever. What you have to do is check whether the water sliders are fun enough and safe too. And these people are always used to travel here and there because they have to visit many hotels and check the water sliders there. You should be very lucky to get this funniest job !

 Dice Inspector


This may be hardest job where you have to check each and every dice whether they are perfectly manufactured. If the dice are imperfect they may give a favor outcome in games like casino. So the dice inspector should check everything to prevent the game from cheating. It may be a tiring and time consuming job.

 Snake Milker


The venom of the snakes are playing a most important role  in the medical field. But it is quite hard to get the venom of the snakes. A snake milker should push the snake fangs to milk them and get the venom. This may be a dangerous and time consuming job but they are doing something great for the world. This may save a person’s life.

Pet Food Tester


No one let their pets to have unhealthy and tasteless foods. That’s why pet food testers smell, taste and chew the pet foods to provide a healthy foods to pets. And other days they come up with new ideas to provide healthier foods for pets.

 Armpit Sniffer


When we want to get a deodorant  for us, We may wonder what will perfectly fit for us. Professional smellers may work for perfume, wine or air freshener but if they work for deodorant companies, They have to smell armpits for choose a correct deodorant.

 Poison Taster


Poison taster is a person who takes food which is to be served to someone else to confirm that is to be safe. The person to whom the food is going to be served in an important person who can be in a threat of harm.

 Barnyard Masturbator


The job of the barnyard masturbator is to masturbate farmyard animals to create artificial insemination. They can do it using an electrical vibrator or either can do it by hands.

 Golf Ball Diver


If your golf balls accidentally knocked into water, What you can do? That is why golf ball divers are there to wade in and find as many balls as possible. This is quite dangerous job also.

 Vomit Collector


Many entertainment parks are famous for their stomach-churning rides. Unfortunately, This will produce lot of vomit everyday. This is why many vomit collectors are there to clean up those amusement parks.