10 Best Ever Stage Comedies Of Robin Williams

Robin Williams a brilliant shapes shifter who could channel his powerful energy into comic delightful characters. As word of his death spread, tributes from inside and outside the entertainment industry poured in. To keep Williams’ spirit alive through this list has been created with his famous 10 stage comedies.

Breaks Down the US politics

A sarcastic video about education taken from self destruction T.V special, that was later nominated for best comedy album.

150K+ YouTube views

On Jesus, Mother Teresa & Gandhi

Robin Williams doing his best …

160K+ YouTube views

Live on Broadway – Biblical History

This was also a comedy stage show in which he described things about Bible.

200K+ YouTube views

Was the human body designed by committee?

Video from Robin Williams new stand-up show, Weapons of Self Destruction. He wonders if the human body were designed on the basis of a committee.

302K+ YouTube views


Robin talks about Jihads which goes bit controversial and thousands of hateful comments…

353K+ YouTube views

Hijacks TED BBC conference

It was a comedy video in which he had an unplanned stand up routine even though during technical difficulties.

731K+ YouTube views

Robin Williams’ Siri Impression!

During his interview, Robin Williams did the most hysterical impression of Siri, the “personal assistant” that comes in the iPhone 4s. He had Ellen dying of laughter!

2.1M+ YouTube views

Robin Williams on Alcoholics

3.5M+ YouTube views

Live At The Met – Alcohol/Marijuana

A comedy video in which Robin Williams performing the alcohol/marijuana section of his famous Live At The Met stand-up routine.

5.8M+ YouTube views


The ever famous funniest clip by Robin Williams!

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