10 Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenges You Should Watch

Ice bucket challenges are not just for fun. This challenge has gathered million of money as a donation for the ALS patients. Amyoptrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) is a disease in which people feel rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle atrophy and paralyses the victim which can even lead to death. While pouring a bucket of ice water on your head it makes you paralyses for a while in which you can feel the pain of those patients.

The main theme is to raise money for the charity in a funny way. People have to pour the ice water on their head and nominate three others to do so. If they cannot take the challenge within 24 hours they have to offer $100 to the charity or even after they finish the challenge they have to give $10.

Satya Nadella

Lindsey Stirling

Bill Gates

George Bush

Tom Cruise & Christopher McQuarrie

Tom Hiddleston

Lady Gaga


Mark Zuckerberg

Taylor Swift

Steven Spielberg