Instant MBA: Do You Know These 10 Annoying Business Clichés?

Clichés are all around us, and sometimes they can be effective ways of making a point. But, all too often they’re simply used to ‘talk’ without really saying anything.

We’ve picked 10 of the most common business clichés. Do you use these yourself?

Take the quiz and see how you stack up against everyone else in your clichés use and knowledge! Then take our master MBA clichés quiz to see if you are meant to be a corporate cog!

We have so much to do! Let's focus on the "low             "!
flow workday
energy work
hanging fruit
Your boss is delusional. Be careful, "don't drink              "!
wine at work
the Kool-Aid
and think
I'm surprised at how well our brand new product was received. "This is really a              shift"!
economies of scale
giant pile of
I'm shocked at how Jennifer openly criticized Bob. She should know not to "throw people             ".
under the bus
a bone
a life preserver
Alright we've been beating around the bush forever. It's time to finally "get down to              "!
brass tacks
red lines
blue thoughts
I'm sorry Steven, corporate just doesn't have the money to buy everyone a flamethrower. "My hands are              "
I honestly can't believe they've already popped the champagne before even completing their product. Talk about putting "the cart               the horse"!
Look, we just don't have the resources. I trust your skills though, I know you'll "do _________"
more with time
more with less
less with more
So your first week here at TechTown will be spent "learning the              " and getting a hang of how to deal with crazy customers.
If you don't keep your  "________" you're going to make a mistake that could cost us millions.
wits waiting
money where your mouth is
eye on the ball

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Instant MBA: Do You Know These 10 Annoying Business Clichés?

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