10 Absurd Phobias That People Actually Have

Phobias are fear of something that poses little or no threat at all. People can be afraid of heights, insects and so on. This is a list of phobias that are just plain absurd but found in people in the real world.



Chorophobia is the fear of dancing. It can actually be very common with boys. Boys hate being forced to dance where everyone can see how uncoordinated they could be. Still, reluctance to dance brought about by shyness is different from an actual fear of dancing. Some would feel anxiety and even nausea just at the thought of having to dance.



Joining this list of funny phobias is Scopophobia, which is fear of being seen or being stared at. Scopophobics have this extreme dread of drawing attention to themselves. As a result, they become aloof to others and are unapproachable. They become paranoid of being looked at, so they want to stay at home or secluded as much as possible, totally refusing to be drawn out of their own world. It could be due to a terrible experience in the past that had traumatized them for life. They might have faced rejections and ridicules because they differ from others in some way.



This phobia pertains to fear of having peanut butter sticking on one’s palate. Don’t buy a peanut butter jar at all if you feel a horrendous sensation by the mere sight of it. There is little known cause for this disorder. Try to avoid peanut butter related recipes.



Do you feel extremely bothered and alarmed every time you see a bald person? Then you might be suffering from Peladophobia. What’s in a hairless head that makes you get a full-blown panic attack? It is said it could be because of a childhood experience or simply because of of fear of loosing hair yourself.



People with Ablutophobia,have a fear of taking a bath or wash. They do not believe that washing or cleaning is doable because it is something that terrorizes them. This particular phobia should not be confused with fear of cleanliness, as the latter refers to the dread of the cleaning process itself. It is usually found in women and children experiencing emotional instabilities due to past traumas or other distressing reasons.



Just like Vampires, there are people who are afraid of the sunlight. Maybe those warnings about skin cancer have gotten into them or maybe they are just creatures of the dark who prefer to do things in the night. Perhaps, they just find it easier to function in the evening when everything is more peaceful and quiet. Whatever the reason may be, Sufferers of this phobia have thick curtains to keep the sunlight from coming in.



This may be a common fear of not having phone signals basically not being able to make a call. Nonetheless, it is still weird. This phobia involves the mobile phone, and it is the fear of losing it, not having enough battery charge, not having network coverage or running out of credits. Most teenagers today feel naked without their mobile phones.



This is a fear of making calls. I have this phobia myself. Having dead air during a phone conversation is pretty normal. This is when there is an awkward silence or as you simply have nothing to say. Some people are so scared of this scenario that they have developed telephonophobia. These people simply do not pick up the phone by getting others to answer a call or using an answering machine exclusively. As a result, necessary information may not get clarified properly.



Generally found in children, but some adults also have this phobia of clowns of clown faces. Some phobias are just so sad.



Means fear od having sexual relations. It is hard to imagine anyone not wanting to have sex. As weird as it may seem, there are people who are actually afraid of intimacy and sexual relations, much more sexual intercourse. This fear is no laughing matter because genophobia is rooted to a trauma that was inflicted upon the victim in the past. This traumatic event has led the sufferer to associate sex with negative emotions. Victims of molestation are some of the people who may suffer from this phobia.