10 Things You Must Do In NYC

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New York City is every tourist dream destination. There’s no way to see all the highlights of this vast, complex city in just one visit. The thing about NYC is that there’s always something new to discover in each visit. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional, here’s 10 things you must do in the Big Apple.

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge

It’s the most magnificent of the bridges across New York’s East River, linking Manhattan and Brooklyn which was completed in 1883 and is one of the oldest steel-wire suspension bridges in the US. A stroll across on the special pedestrian walkway affords great views of the city.

Try the best Pizza!

You must try the pizzas in NYC. No one leaves NYC without tasting Lombardi’s or Grimaldi’s pizza. Try the classic pies at Lombardi’s Pizzeria on Spring Street for a taste of old NY and don’t let the line at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn scare you, it moves pretty quickly!


If you’re in New York, you should try to make it to a Broadway show! This is the most famous theater district in the world, and you can choose from timeless classic productions like “Chicago” at the Ambassador or a newer stage rendition of “Mary Poppins” at the New Amsterdam Theater. Either way, no trip to New York is complete without some singing and dancing.

Check the Grand Central Terminal

Nearly 750,000 harried commuters dash through Grand Central Terminal every day, but while you’re there try not to get caught up in the bustle. Visit around midday, as light streams in from the cathedral-like windows, to appreciate this 100-year-old architectural gem’s massive main concourse and discover its hidden nooks and crannies. End your visit with lunch on the lower-level dining concourse.

Visit the West Village

From the zigzag streets that inspired beat poets, folk musicians, and activists half a century ago to the once-stinky-now-sanitized Meatpacking District that draws nightlife-lovers looking to mingle, the West Village is a neighborhood unlike any other. You could get lost amid its charming townhouses, eclectic boutiques, and legendary bars, cafes, and shops, such as White Horse Tavern, Corner Bistro and Murray’s Bagels.

Statue of Liberty

Whether you ogle it from Battery Park or while onboard the Staten Island Ferry, you must gaze upon the Statue of Liberty. Ascend to the tiny lookout area in her crown to get another great view. The world’s most iconic copper statue was designed by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi as a gift from France in celebration of our nation’s centennial in 1876.

Take it to the Top of the Rock

The newly opened Top of the Rock Observation Deck on the 67th, 69th and 70th floors of 30 Rockefeller Plaza offers one of the most impressive views of one of the most impressive cities in the world. It’s open until midnight for a romantic visage of the twinkling stars above mirroring the glittering lights from the city below.

The High Line

It is a 1.45-mile-long High Line, a park that stretches from the Meatpacking District through Chelsea on a previously derelict, elevated railway track, is a fantastic stroll. Resurrected with a stunning maze of gardens showcasing 300 species of plants, pathways, and water features, it offers terrific people watching, views of cool contemporary architecture, and glimpses of the Hudson River.

Time Square

It doesn’t have to be New Year’s Eve to enjoy Times Square in New York City. Times Square signifies everything that the city represents as is the heartbeat of NYC. The excitement, the glamour, the independent free-spiritedness and artistic qualities of New York are all on display in this timeless spot. One of the best places to begin sampling true New York night life.

Stroll through Central Park

Whether you ride Central Park’s vintage circa-1908 Carousel, sip Sancerre while admiring the view of the lake at the Boathouse Café, visit the zoo, go birding in the Ramble, or run laps with the locals around the Reservoir, this 843-acre oasis is the world’s biggest backyard and a must-explore experience during any visit. There’s always something special going on in the park, like the Central Park Film Festival. Besides the natural splendor of the surroundings, the best part about Central Park is that it’s free!